Members Survey 2022

Welcome to our first member’s survey! Information from this survey will provide our club the important insights we need to support our valued members by:

  • Improving how we deliver our member services
  • Providing new services that attract and retain our members
  • Fostering better social engagement with our members and communities

To learn more about our survey please view the video below.


Simply answer the questions below. Please provide your membership number and answer the questions prompted. Each of the interests you select will provide additional follow up questions for that topic.

It is important that you complete the survey as accurately as you can. You can re-submit your survey responses, however please bear in mind that only the information from your most recent response will be used.

For assistance in completing this survey please contact:::::::


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    Historic car registration

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    Our club's magazine

    Our club's social activities

    Our club's overall direction

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