Historic Registration

The South Australian Historic Registration Scheme allows you to drive your classic car or motorcycle for up to 90 days per year for a concessional registration fee and insurance premium ($90/year). This scheme is available to club members for eligible cars of 25 years of age and over

For further information and eligibility requirements, refer to the South Australian Government’s Page for Historic Registration.

If your car/s are on Conditional Registration and you have not paid your Club Membership fee, you are driving an unregistered and uninsured car. Please ensure your membership fee is paid up and your log book is current and stamped with the correct year.

Once your car has been granted Conditional Registration, the onus is on the owner of the vehicle to maintain their vehicle in original order and to keep the log book/s up to date.

An annual log book validation is required. The club organises a day and venue to accomplish this. All Members are entitled to register their car/s on Conditional Registration if their pride and joy meets all requirements.