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For Sale – 2003 Nissan Pulsar – SOLD

Up for sale 2003 Pulsar Q sedan, genuine 89563km, electric windows, power steering, electric mirrors Great condition for its age.

About This Vehicle

Driven 98,563 km
Automatic transmission
Exterior color: Grey
Fuel type: Petrol
Engine size: -1.0 L
2 owners

For Sale

Garage Tools

No longer needed (see pictures below) – Garage creeper ($15); Jacks ($15), Ramps ($50) or the lot for $60. Phone Bill 0414 781 037

For Sale

Alfa 75 Parts

Various Alfa 75 Parts – wide range of parts varying from external and internal parts, to engine and suspension parts. Enquire on 0432 437 685 regarding what you need in particular. Raffaele

For Sale

FIAT 124 Spider Parts

Eric Dipiero has numerous Fiat 124 parts for sale – he also has early Fiat Spider doors and bonnet with no humps for sale contact him on 0419820990.

For Sale

FIAT 124 and 850 Parts

Various parts for Fiat 124 and 850 – too many to list! Contact: Thomas 0403 164 365 / email:


COVID-19 Update

The world is being gripped by COVID-19. The committee are considering what to do about our monthly meetings, social events and club runs. We will continue to monitor the advice coming from the Government and Health Authorities and will keep the members informed of any changes.

In accordance with government regulations, the following changes and measures are in place until further notice:

  • Club Meetings will be conducted online using Zoom – Members will receive an invite to participate.
  • Club Runs (Including the Monthly Breakfast Run) have been suspended.
  • Social Events – such as the upcoming BBQ at Chris and Maureen’s property at Harrogate – have been postponed.
  • Club Registration Day – planned for the 28th June. The committee are still investigating what can be done to make this event happen. It is still 2 months away so we will need to monitor what is happening with the restrictions. We will keep updating you as things progress.
  • Club Committee is still operational, You can contact any of the committee members for any club-related matters either by contacting a committee member directly, or by using our contact form.

The club’s President will advise members of any other measures and changes by email, and revisions to this notice.

We urge everyone to pay close attention to the official government advice, refer to the points of contact and symptom charts provided. Please don’t hesitate to call the information line below to discuss any of your concerns—we need their advice, and they need to understand our situation to make further decisions.

Together we will work through this situation and come out better and stronger at the other end of the tunnel.


Anna’s Rocky Road Recipe

Annas Rocky Road has been a hit at a number of club events, so by popular demand, here it is!


3 x 225 g packets of Cadbury Melts (chocolate)
1 x 280g Packet of Pascall pink and white marshmallows
1 x 200g packet of Raspberry lollies

You will need

A greased shallow slice tin – mine is 28.5 x 19.5cm


  1. Cut the marshmallows in half and place into a large mixing bowl
  2. Cut the raspberry lollies in half and place into the mixing bowl with the marshmallows
  3. In another bowl put the 3 packets of Melts
  4. Microwave for 45 seconds, then mix with a spoon
  5. Microwave for another 30-45 seconds and mix until completely melted.
  6. Pour the melted chocolate into the raspberry and marshmallow bowl.
  7. Mix until all the dry ingredients are coated with chocolate
  8. Pour the mixture into the greased shallow slice tin
  9. Place the tin in the fridge for at least 2 hours
  10. Cut into squares.



Christmas Barbeque 2019

Sunday, 1st December was our club’s annual Christmas barbeque at Thornton Park was paired with a calm, sunny and temperate summer’s day…for precisely 30 seconds!

With my Spider safely (and cleanly) tucked away in the garage, I set off to meet Dom and others to help setup and get the barbeque going for breakfast. I arrived to see Thomas holding his umbrella next to Dom in a futile attempt to fight 40km/h winds to avoid the sideways rain drenching them both over the barbeque. Great! I’ll fire up the other one with the Moka pot to get some coffee going! Ninety very wet and windy minutes later we enjoyed our first coffee and promptly decided to relocate our base to a less swampy area.

Soon it was midday and many fellow Scuderisti began arriving with salads and desserts – we very quickly filled one half of the main pavilion with food, smiles and laughs, delicious rocky road and the Tarantella courtesy of DJ Zollo. The barbeque area, which I like to call the ‘engine room’, was awash with Scuderisti helping Dom and I cook delicious Italian Pork sausages, chicken sausages, scotch fillets and chicken burger patties.

Despite having to cook with one hand and hold down the marque with the other, the cooking team did a stellar job feeding the troops with plenty leftovers. The best part is we all enjoyed each other’s company and take home a nice Italian Panettone for the festive season.


Raff and Jess’ Wedding

I got to use my Valiants again as wedding cars – this time I had the privilege of driving Jess to the church for her wedding to Raffaele.

It was raining on and off on the day of the wedding which was annoying as I spent a week detailing both cars ready for the event.

As I turned up at Jess’s home to pick her up it was still raining, but they were taking photos so it did not matter. Once they came out to get into the cars it actually stopped raining and held out till we got to the church.

The ceremony was very enjoyable, especially seeing Raf wearing a cravat which made me think he looked a little like Mike Preston from MasterChef. Jess looked amazing in her wedding dress.

Except she had to squeeze herself with the dress into Raf’s Alfa GTV for the drive to the reception center in the city. There was a slight detour with all the wedding cars, groomsmen and bridesmaids going through the McDonalds drive through on Tapley’s Hill Rd. They ordered nuggets and drinks while the photographer took photos of the cars going through!

I dropped the bridesmaids of at the reception centre and made my way to the top floor of the Topham Carpark for photos of the groomsmen next to the cars.

From there I made my way home as I had an engagement party to attend.