Mitcham Barbeque Breakfast

Arriving at the Mitcham Reserve on the Sunday morning,
31 March, at 8.30 am I was greeted by the sumptuous scent of eggs, bacon and hash browns. What came to mind were the lyrics of the 1968 Beatles song of Across the Universe which I modified using the theme of the breakfast BBQ.

Eggs are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup

They slither wildly as they spread across the stainless steel plate

Pools of scrambled eggs and waves of bacon are drifting through my open mind

Possessing and caressing me. Jai guru deva!

There were about 40 members and family/friends that attended the breakfast with the MC’S Ric and Dom mastering the cooking duties and both had done a marvellous job in serving up a grand breakfast banquet.

The only disappointment was not having access to hot coffee or tea due to the council not providing electrical power from the power box so the hot water urn could not be used.

Nevertheless it was a successful morning with all enjoying the breakfast and I provided music playing the piano accordion and even Vince Augumeri played a few songs on my piano accordion which was a thrill for me to hear him play some the old Italian standards.

There were some beautiful cars on display in the car park from the classical cars of yesteryear which created some interest from the general public attending the Mitcham reserve e.g.  Alfa Romeo Giulietta spider, 124 BC coupe , Fiat 124 spider , Ferrari 308 GTS to the modern cars of the Abarth 124 Spiders, Abarth 500, Alfa Romeo spider  and the Fiat Freemont.

It was a lovely day out and the party came to a reluctant close by midday when some of the old boys finally dispersed having a chin wag about anything and everything.