Campania Club

The club held its pasta night at the Campania Club on Friday 26 July 2019 and it was a lovely evening enjoyed by approximately 40 members including family/friends. There were other patrons in attendance so I would estimate 250 filled the grand Benevento hall were the function was held.

There were a table of patrons celebrating an 80th birthday party and we were indirectly entertained by a female singer singing ( rather loudly) classical Napolitana songs eg O Sole Mio, Rose Rosse, Paese and O’Surdato Innammurato ( one of my favorites!)

Pasta night is a bit of a misnomer as there were other food options on offer and no one would had gone home hungry. There were the usual pasta dishes but also pizza and grilled chicken and for desert gelato and coffee.

Curiously not many members chose pasta for their main meal and many opted for pizza and the grilled chicken dish came in as a distant second choice.

The highlight of the night was to see Ken Graves tackle a large glass of affogato which took him a while to work through but he managed to finish it. I not sure if he had any sleep that night as the strong coffee content would had kept him awake through the early hours of the morning !

There was also great banter amongst our members with lots of stories told by our resident raconteurs  which is most of our members as they love talking their cars, overseas trips or scouting the internet for the next car project.

The night went so quickly and we finally departed taking 3 or 4 attempts saying goodnight to each other in the traditional Italian way of wishing each other buona notte.